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In this post, I am going to given example with Demo how to create CURD (CREATE,UPDATE and DELETE) operation in laravel 5+ Using Ajax from scratch. This article is very helpful for laravel beginners, and If you want to create CURD Application using jQuery Ajax then just need to follow given steps. In this simple ajax curd example, I have created products management with several options like:- Product Listing Add New Product Edit Product Delete Product you can create Curd operation using simple steps, After create successful example you will find layout as below. Step 1: Laravel Installation If you haven’t installed laravel in your system and want to fresh project then just run bellow command and get new Laravel project.

Step 2: Create items table and model In this step we have to create migration for products table using Laravel  php artisan command, so first fire bellow command:



In this post, I am going to explain how to Display Related Posts on post single page in WordPress. In WordPress you can display related posts using plugin because lots of plugin available of WordPress. But in this post we can show you how to display related posts without any plugin.   There are two methods of display  related post on single post page and you can choose whichever method you prefer. One way is doing it with a plugin and then there is another method that is doing it without any plugin. Display Related Posts in WordPress without any Plugin Please copy the below code and paste the following code in single.php where you want to display related post.

I have used WP_query  function  for display related posts on single page of post. We hope that this article is helpful for WordPress beginners. You may also want to