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Dropshipping is a supply chain model or type of business model which a dropshipper can directly ship ordered products from wholeseller’s warehouse to the customer’s house without handling logistics and management. Dropshipper no need to owning warehouse to store products and don’t need to maintain inventory, or even having to ship their products to their customers themselves. In other words, the dropshippers works as intermediates between suppliers and customers. When dropshipper received any order, then they transfer the order information to the suppliers and keep the markup amount as commission for themselves. The supplier will then dispatch the product from the warehouse to the customers. In most cases, the suppliers don’t even know that the person buying from them is a dropshipper or an actual person. How it works? Dropshipping works as a mediater when dropshipper fulfills orders with the help of a third party such as wholesaler or an

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In this post, I will explain “How to create database seeder in Laraver” for insert data in the database. Laravel provides the facility to seed your database with dummy data using Laravel Seeder Class. By default, all seeds files are stored at the database/seeds directory. What is Database Seeder in Laravel? Database seeds extremely useful because testing with various data allows you to likely detect bugs. Database seeder in Laravel is the most useful feature, We have to simply make a one-time seeder with some dummy data, that way we can simply reuse when you deploy project first time. We can make seeders after the migration of the table. How to run seeder in Laravel? Laravel by default provides DatabaseSeeder class to execute database related operations. Any operation will execute through call() method of Seed class. So in this example, we will add some dummy data of the user’s table