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Angular is an app-design framework and development plate form for creating web applications, Angular is a leading technology in web development as well as we know angular has great demand in the market. Q) What are new features in Angular 9? Ans:- An undecorated class migration schematic added to the core. Numeric Values are accepted in the formControlName. Selector-less directives have now been allowed as base classes in View Engine in the compiler. Conversion of ngtsc diagnostics to ts.Diagnostics is possible Q) What is the difference between $scope and scope in Angular? Ans:-  $scope in Angular is used for implementing the concept of dependency injection (D.I) on the other hand scope is used for directive linking. $scope is the service provided by $scopeProviderwhich can be injected into controllers, directives or other services whereas Scope can be anything such as a function parameter name, etc. Q) What is the purpose of