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In this post, I am going to explain “How to create custom library in CodeIgnitor”. CodeIgnitor has rich set of libraries which is located in “system/libraries”. Sometime we need some custom functionality for our requirement. Let’s see how to create custom own library in CodeIgnitor. Create Custom Library Step 1:- Go to application/libraries and create a new file Yourfilename_lib.php llike Mylibrary.php.

we can change above description according to requirement, Now create class with database connection and load pre-defined libraries.

If you want your libraries to be auto load always, the you can add your custom library in $autoload[‘libraries’]  option array in config.php file. Step 2:- If you want to load library in your controller then you can load library in controller file like

Step 3:- Now your library created and you can use your library method in controller like

  I hope you might have understood it

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Many times you need to integrate third party APIs in laravel application, So that today, I will be share with you “How to make cURL request in laravel”. Because cURL is very simple for HTTP request and not take much time make get or post HTTP APIs request. In this post we are going to explain both types of request like GET and POST with example. Make GET Request

Make POST Request

I hope you might have understood it properly, keep reading our other blog posts for more coding tricks. Thanks!! WebpreprationI’m a full-stack developer.  My hobby and profession to write blog and programming tips that helps to others. I am a great admirer of PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, AngularJS,  Vue.js,  Javascript, JQuery, WordPress, Plugin Development, Theme Development and Bootstrap from the early stage.   webprepration.com/

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In this article, I am going to explain “How to download file from url using curl in php”. Whenever you require to download file or image from URL using php CURL then you can refer this example. We can download image or file from URL and save in any specific location where want to store like local server. You can do that using get_file_contents() in php too, but i think it is good if you are doing that using PHP curl. But before use cURL you need to know what is cURL and how to use in php What is cURL CURL- Client URL Library CURL connects different types of servers and communicates with different types of protocols like http, https and ftp. In order to use CURL, you need to install the libcurl package. You can check whether it is installed or not using the phpinfo function. For this

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In this article, I am going to explain “How to Add dropbox file picker/chooser on the website”.  The Chooser is the fastest way to get files from Dropbox into your web app. It’s a small JavaScript component that enables your app to get files from Dropbox without having to worry about the complexities of implementing a file browser, authentication, or managing uploads and storage. However, most users now store their files in the cloud (Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). So, it can be a great idea to allow users to select files directly from their cloud provider. Let’s see how to add the Dropbox File Picker to a website! Step 1:- The first step in adding the Chooser to your app is to create an app. Using the Chooser doesn’t require production approval, so you can publish your integration to your users as soon as you’re ready. When you

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In this article, I am going to explain “What is helper and How to create own helper” in CodeIgnotor What is Helper In CodeIgniter there are helpers which are there to help you with different tasks. Every helper file is a collection of functions aiming towards a particular role. Some of the helpers are ‘file helpers’ which help you to deal with the file, ‘text helpers’ to perform various text formatting routines, ‘form helpers’ to create form element, ‘cookie helpers’ set and read cookies, ‘URL helpers’ which assist in creating links, etc. Loading a Helper A helper can be loaded in controller constructor which makes them globally available, or they can also be loaded in specific functions which need them.

Loading Multiple Helpers To load multiple helpers, specify them an array

  Helpers are not written in Object Oriented format, instead they are simple, procedural functions, independent of