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In this article, I am going to explain laravel 9 many to many relationship. This tutorial give you simple example of laravel 9 belongstomany tutorial. This tutorial will give you simple example of laravel 9 many to many sync. So in this article, you can understand how to create many-to-many relationships with migration with a foreign key schema for one to many relationships, use sync with a pivot table, create records, attach records, get all records, delete, update, where condition and everything related to many to many relationship. Many to Many Relationship will use  “belongsToMany()”  for relation. So in this example, i will create  “posts”, “category” and “post_category” tables. each table is connected with each other. now we will create many to many relationships with each other by using the laravel Eloquent Model. We will first create database migration, then model, retrieve records and then how to create records too.