Jquery Draggable/Sortable table rows example

In this post, I am going to explain how to create DRAGGABLE/SORTABLE table rows using jquery UI. If you need to create sortable table rows in your project then you can easily create table rows sortable using jquery.ui, jQuery UI provides sortable(); function. It helps to make sortable table rows and also perform ajax code in sortable function.

In this post you can learn drag and drop table rows and store in database using ajax, you just need to see below code .

Jquery Draggable/Sortable table rows example
Jquery Draggable/Sortable table rows example

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If you want to store/update anything with database, then you can use ajax with sortable() function, I have already added comment for ajax code, and you can download demo from my github repository https://github.com/hellomohsinkhan/drag-and-drop-table-demo.git

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