Laravel Pagination Next Previous

If you want to add next previous button on pagination in Laravel 6?, then read this article, you learn here how to create pagination in Laravel with next and previous button. We can customize the pagination link with the next and previous buttons in Laravel 6.

Laravel provide prebuilt function for pagination simplePaginate(), paginate(). In this example, the only argument passed to the paginate method is the number of items you would like displayed “per page”.

Laravel provides new eloquent method simplePaginate() for adding simple pagination with only next previous button link. for that follow bellow step and make.

Step 1:- In the first step, we need to create routes for getting data and view it.

Step 2:- Now, we need to create new PostController with index() method. in an index() we will write pagination code.

Step 3:- In the last step, we need to create a blade/View file and display posts with pagination.

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