Top Interview Questions & Answers on Angular

In this post we are going to share some frequently asked questions of AngularJS, If you want to start career as an angular developer then this post is very useful for you. I am going to share basics and advance level of interview questions and answer of Angular. 1) What is AngularJS? Answer:- AngularJS is … Read more

How to use *ngFor in Angular

In this post, We are going to explain *ngFor and all features of *ngFor means local variables and find index etc. *ngFor NgFor is a structural directive, means, it changes the structure of the DOM Its point is to repeat a given HTML template once for each value in an array, each time passing it … Read more

ngSwitch in Angular5

In this post, I am going to explain “How to use ngSwitch in Angular5”, ngSwitch used in angular same as other programming language. In this article I will be show example “How to use ngSwitch in Angular”. ngSwitch ngSwitch is actually comprised of two directives, an attribute directive and a structural directive. Its very similar … Read more

What is NgIf, else and then in angular

In this post, I am going to explain all conditional statement of Angular like NgIf, NgIf else, Then and Switch Statement. NgIf, else, Then NgIf conditionally includes a template based on the value of expressions It adds or removes the HTML element in DOM layout. The basic syntax of the ngif directives is simple and … Read more

What is Component and Directives in Angular5

In this post, I am going to explain What is Component and Directives in Angular 5 . What are components? Component is the basic building block of Angular, Which means that an angular application is a collection of components, and one component is responsible for handling one view or part of the view. A component … Read more