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Sanctum API

In this post, I am going to explain how to use sanctum api in laravel 8. Laravel 8 Sanctum provides a simple authentication system for SPAs (Single page applications), mobile applications token based APIs. Sanctum API allows each user of your application to generate multiple API tokens for their account. You can create mobile based API using sanctum, its provide fully restful api and for use in laravel to follow basic steps which is given below. Step 1: Install Laravel 8 In this step I am going to explain how to install fresh laravel 8, If you have already istalled then ignore installation steps, I am going to explain from scratch so, we need to get fresh Laravel 8 application using bellow command, So open your terminal OR command prompt and run bellow command:

Step 2: Install Sanctum In this step we need to install sanctum via the Composer

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Cron Jobs & Task Scheduling

In this post, I am going to explain “how to make a Cron job in laravel 6” or how to create cron job in laravel 6?. How to use task scheduling in laravel 6? then I will explain a simple example of cron job task scheduling with laravel also explain what is a scheduler in laravel. Laravel Cron Job Laravel Cron Job is an inbuilt task manager that gives your applications the ability to execute specific commands like sending a slack notification or removing inactive users at a periodic time. then we will need to use laravel task scheduler or cron job laravel. When working on any specific project which needs to run any task periodically like send notifications, promotions email, cleaning up the databases, executing the time-consuming tasks, etc. Cron uses a configuration file called crontab also known as Cron table to manage the task scheduling process. How To

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In this post, I am going to explain “how to create rest api with authentication using passport” in laravel 6 application. Rest API is must be used when you are working with mobile application. when your application is preferred for a web app and the mobile app then you must have to create API for your mobile app development. However, Laravel provides an easy way to create Rest API using the passport package. if you need to authentication in your mobile app then you can easily do it using a passport. Laravel 6 Passport provides a way to create an auth token for validating users. Web services web service is very important when you are creating web and mobile apps. How to Create Rest API with Authentication Using Passport If you require to create API for mobile application As we know laravel is the most popular framework for API creation.