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Laravel 7 Email Verification

In this post, I am going to explained email verification in laravel 7. How to use email varification in laravel 7, laravel 7 auth verify or email auth verify, you can understand a concept of laravel 7 auth verify email. I explained simply step by step laravel 7 auth verify email. Let’s see bellow example laravel 7 authentication email verification. Laravel 7 provides email verification setup for new registered users to must have to verify his email verification before proceed. but in laravel old version if we need to email verification process then that we are doing email verification process manually. You just need to make some basic setup with need to use middleware, routes and mail configuration. Just follow steps and you will set up for email verification in laravel 7 project. Step 1: Install Laravel 7 In first step, we need to install Laravel 7 version application using

Install Laravel 6 with Vue JS

If you are beginner with Laravel 6 and Vue then I am sure I can help you to install Vue in Laravel 6. It’s very simple way to install using Laravel UI composer package. Laravel ui provide way to install bootstrap, vue and react setup. they also provide auth scaffold for login and register. laravel 6 provide easy way to work with bootstrap, vue and react. If you want to use Vue Js in application then before install you must need to install Node js and NPM (Node Package Manager). If your system is not ready with Node js and NPM then you need to install. You can download the Node Js from its official site. After a successful installation, you are ready to start with Vue Js tutorials. You can use the following commands to check the current version of Node js and NPM.

The laravel/ui is a

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In this post, I am going to explain “how to create rest api with authentication using passport” in laravel 6 application. Rest API is must be used when you are working with mobile application. when your application is preferred for a web app and the mobile app then you must have to create API for your mobile app development. However, Laravel provides an easy way to create Rest API using the passport package. if you need to authentication in your mobile app then you can easily do it using a passport. Laravel 6 Passport provides a way to create an auth token for validating users. Web services web service is very important when you are creating web and mobile apps. How to Create Rest API with Authentication Using Passport If you require to create API for mobile application As we know laravel is the most popular framework for API creation.

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If you want to add next previous button on pagination in Laravel 6?, then read this article, you learn here how to create pagination in Laravel with next and previous button. We can customize the pagination link with the next and previous buttons in Laravel 6. Laravel provide prebuilt function for pagination simplePaginate(), paginate(). In this example, the only argument passed to the paginate method is the number of items you would like displayed “per page”. Laravel provides new eloquent method simplePaginate() for adding simple pagination with only next previous button link. for that follow bellow step and make. Step 1:- In the first step, we need to create routes for getting data and view it.

Step 2:- Now, we need to create new PostController with index() method. in an index() we will write pagination code.

Step 3:- In the last step, we need to create a blade/View

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In this post, I am going to explain “How to connect multiple databases in Laravel 6”. In Laravel, we can use a multi-database connection in the application. Many times we need to use multiple databases in an application. I will give you step by step example to implement more than one database in Laravel application using the .env file. I will show you how to add Laravel multiple DB connections also give an example of how to work with migration, model and database query for multiple database connections. So let’s follow the bellow step. Step 1:- In the first step, you need to add a configuration variables on the .env file. let’s create as bellow:

Step 2:- Now, we need to use that variable on config file so let’s open database.php file and add new connections key as like bellow:

Step 3:- How you can use as multiple

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In this post, I will guide you “how to create a custom helper file in laravel”. I will give you some simple steps for creating a custom helper function in the Laravel 6 application. As we know Laravel 6 also provides a helper function for an array, URL, route, path, etc. But sometimes we need some functions, it is much time required. so I think it’s better we create our helper function use everywhere the same code. So let’s create a helper file in laravel 6 by using the following steps. Now if you want to add custom helper functions in your website or project directory then you have to follow just three-step and use it. Step 1: Create helpers.php File In this step, first, we need to create a folder helper and Toronto Web Design then creates a file in the Helper folder app/Helper/helper.php in your laravel project and