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Laraver server side data table

CodeIgnitor, Laravel, PHP

In this post, I will be show you the easiest  way to implement  DataTables  server side processing in Laravel. Here I will show you how to fetch data  using ajax in laravel and render that data in DataTable with searching, Pagination and sorting with server side processing. This post is an extension to a previous post on DataTables, where we initiated data tables with basic initialization. As many readers suggested to make a tutorial on DataTables server-side. . In this post we have explain step by step. Because Jquery DataTables will add some advance features like quick search of table data, it will make automatic pagination without write of code, table column ordering, sorting of table column and many more. Now before we start coding include Datatables CSS file and Javascript files from CDN in your view page as follows.

Now let’s understand what all tasks we need to do