Top 5 Best Free Word Press Plugins For SEO 2020

Websites are developed using several technological frameworks and most of them require a lot of coding exposure. One of the key reasons why Word Press has gained so much popularity for creating websites is its simple usage. A good website can be created by using “drag and drop” options. Along with that, users can add plugins that improve the productivity level.

  • How can you define a plugin in the simplest possible way?  It is an application program that can be added to any Word Press website. The purpose is to improve the overall functionality and increase the number of features. The best thing about these tools is that a lot of rigorous software is not needed to add them. They integrate with the Word Press website and run effectively.

The importance of search engine optimization can never be ruled out. A fact is that a website has to meet the highest SEO standards to survive and progress. In addition to that, if you have the right plugins, things become a lot easier.

Here are the best 5 free SEO Word Press plugins for the year 2020

1.     Broken Link Checker

Backlinks added to the value of a website only if they have been directed from a quality website and are working properly. At times, having them does not do any good because they are broken. How can a website manager or owner detect them? A good way is to use this plugin. It keeps running in the background if you have a Word Press website. In addition to that, if any of the backlinks are broken, the user receives an alert through an email.  This helps in rectifying the broken link in due course of time.


2.     Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker Plugin

There is no question mark over the statement that original content is the backbone of getting a high SEO position. A website simply cannot attain it if the information it offers is copied or not unique. So you should use a plagiarism checker free plugin to make sure your content is unique and it’s not been published elsewhere.

  • A key point is that nothing can be done once the content has been published. Therefore, effective checking has to be done before that. This plagiarism checker plug-in is quite effective because it checks each part of the content without anything getting missed out. In addition to that, users do not have to pay anything for using it. Hence, without taking any monetary pressures, you can scan written material and see whether it is completely unique or not.
  • Writing submissions always have deadlines attached to them whether they are written for academic or professional purposes. If you have this plugin installed on your website, the moment copied content is uploaded, you would know about it. In other words, you can deliver original content without ignoring anything.
  • Professional writers cannot manage the time to produce top level content and check whether it is unique or not. Even if there is time availability, there is absolutely no reason to go through this hassle. With this effective plugin, writers can bid farewell to the pressure of checking what they have written.

3.     Google sitemap using XML

A lot of people owning websites do not know that having sitemaps actually helps a lot. Websites have changes made in the content sections. For instance, a certain tab may be replaced completely. With this helpful plugin, users do not have to do anything to update the sitemap. It is done by the plugin through an automated process. In this way, changes are incorporated and the map is updated without any kind of hassle.

  • A properly updated sitemap is obviously important for first timers and new visitors. They do not know how about the page structure of the website and get help in this connection. With the help of this plugin, they get information about how to move from one page to the other.

4.     Touch Mobile Plugin

Today, the number of people using smart phones to browse the internet is a lot more than the ones using computers. Therefore, if you want the maximum count to access your website without any viewing problems, ensure that it is mobile responsive. The conventional lengthy method for this is hiring a development team and turning your website into a mobile responsive one. If it has been developed using Word Press, install this plugin and you are good to do.

  • If the sitemap of a website is not updated, the SEO ranks suffer big time. According to the standards set by Google, page cannot be viewed if it has not been indexed properly. This happens when changes to the website layout have been made not incorporated through the site map. Thus, the indexing is left incomplete and people are unable to view the page. In other words, the results drop in search engine optimization terms. 

5.     Rank Math

At times, the rank of a website goes down due to low content and owners are unable to determine the current standing. With this free plugin, you get an SEO score according to the updated progress of the website. On the basis of the score provided, you get clarity on where the content requires improvement. This is better than spending countless hours on searching.


Summing it up

 If you want to know how good or bad a website is, the SEO results would reveal everything. Word Press is one of the most recent website creation platforms. It does not involve hardcore development like other alternatives available. Secondly, you can install plugins which improve the performance in a certain respective area. The top 5 for the year 2020 are listed above. It shows whether the content on your website is plagiarism free or not and that too in real time.

Similarly, you can implement better content optimization techniques when there is a score for your website. The Rank Math plugin accomplishes this task. In accordance with the information offered to the reader and keywords used, a score is calculated. This helps in beefing the written material with key phrases and improving the SEO position.


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